Swenson EV 150


  • Robust V-box ideal for the demanding municipality
  • High torque 50:1 gearbox handles virtually all types of material including salt, sand and rock
  • 8 tooth sprocket and 2” drive shaft provides the most fluid and smooth conveyance of material in the industry
  • Swing up spinner system with 20” spinner disk for consistent spreading
  • Heavy duty self Cleaning style pintle chain with 3/8” extra thick cross bar
  • Standard drag chain take-up to the rear for easy maintenance
  • Top Screen breaks up material to minimize damage to drag chain



Size Specifications: 8 to 22 feet
Capacity: 4.3 to 17.5 cu yds
Construction: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Corten
Application Rate: 4' to 40' spread pattern
Steel Gauges: 10 gauge* sides and ends with 7 gauge longitudinals
Safety Features: Drop N Loc top screens
Warranty Details: 1 year warranty
Options: Inverted V's, observation platform, cab shield, extended idler grease tubes, pre-wet systems, belt over chain, leg stands, and many more 
*12 gauge for stainless steel


  • Rock Salt
  • 3/8 Chips
  • Sand
  • Salt//Sand Mix
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Treated Rock Salt
  • Clear Path Ice Melt

Product Specifications Sheet (PDF)

Manual (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

Liquid Capability (PDF)

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