Meyer Mini Jr. Spreader

Mini Jr. : Small by Name, Big by Performance

Meyer's Mini Jr. is the answer to life’s little challenges. It’s easy to use and ideal for jobs like walkways, driveways and small parking lots. Built to spread up to 400 lbs. of dry, free flowing #1 rock salt, the Mini Jr. allows you to handle several jobs with just one load.

MiniJrprofileFor convenience, the Mini Jr. is equipped with in-cab, variable-speed controls that regulate a spread pattern that ranges from three to 30 feet. And attaching the polyurethane hopper is a breeze using a standard, 2-inch square receiver.

Direct Drive Motor

The heart of a tailgate spreader is its electric motor. The Mini Jr. utilizes a powerful 1/8 HP direct-drive motor. No inefficient, space-consuming, right-angle gearboxes found in this spreader! Its spinner runs directly off the motor drive shaft delivering positive, energy-efficient power to the operating system.

Precise Application Is At Your Command

controller in cabPrecise spread-pattern control is a key for maximum performance. The Mini Jr.'s variable-speed controller (patent pending) lets you easily adjust the spinner speed while the exclusive on-demand "Blast" mode quickly spikes the amperage to brake up clumps or increase the spread pattern when you need to. The Mini Jr. was also designed with a half-moon shaped deflector that resides behind the spinner. This Meyer-exclusive deflector keeps the salt heading in the right direction and protects your vehicle from repetitive exposure to flying salt pellets.

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