Meyer Mate Spreader

The Meyer Mate tailgate spreader turns your pickup truck into a snow control powerhouse: a Meyer plow on the front, and a heavy-duty spreader in the rear. Snow plows and the Meyer Mate are made for each other. The Mate has a generous 9.0 cubic foot capacity (700 lbs.) and attaches conveniently to your vehicle without tools, in minutes. The Mate comes fully assembled for quick installation to your truck’s tailgate and bumper—no drilling required. The Mate has many mounting choices including a swing-out option that moves the unit out of the way, enabling you to access the bed of the truck from the tailgate.

Direct Drive Motor

Mate Spinner MotorMeyer’s tailgate spreader is powered by a commercial-duty 1/8 HP, 12V direct-drive motor. No space-consuming, power-robbing, right-angle gearboxes found on this Mate! The Mate drives the spinner directly off the motor drive shaft, providing positive, energy-efficient power to the agitator system. The Mate comes standard with a built-in vibrator to maximize salt flow performance.

Big Capacity, Big Performance

mate-screenWhen you have to plow an important parking lot of lots of walkways, you need a tailgate spreader that holds a lot so you can get your job done. The Mate holds 700lbs. of salt, sand, or a mixture of your choice. The capacity is one of the largest in the industry. Meyer offers an optional sifting screen that breaks up clumps of salts and sand prior to entering the hopper. This increases the spreader flow rate. The standard heavy-duty locking straps on the hopper cover keeps moisture out thus improving spreading performance.

Adjustable Opening Disk Prevents Leakage

Meyer Mate is designed to prevent ice melt from leaking when the spreader is idle. With the pull of one pin, the disk below the discharge throat can be adjusted “up” to prevent fine material leakage or “down” so course material doesn’t leak onto the spinner.

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