Meyer Blaster Spreader

More Power, Greater Reliability

A funny thing happens to equipment with moving parts in cold, icy weather. It slows down, breaks down, or in some way, lets you down. Take for instance stubborn chunks of fused rock salt or debris that jam the drive system of most tailgate spreaders. That’s one jam session that won’t happen with Meyer® Blaster™ spreaders because Blasters have the most powerful spreader motor available. The Blaster’s unique ½ horsepower, direct-drive motor is rated at up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through those annoying chunks of salt or sand. And the direct-drive system applies the torque directly to the auger.

 blaster receiver-mountNeed To Do A Little Sand Blasting?

Your basic Blasters come in 350- and 750-pound capacities and can spread #1 free-flowing rock salt. But if you need to throw sand, you will need the “S” versions. If you want to add sand-spreading capabilities to a standard 350 or 750, you can also purchase a Vibrator Kit that converts a basic Blaster into an "S" model (see accessory section for details.)

One-touch Auto Control

One-touch operation provides you total control over Blaster spreaders. The illuminated in-cab controller (patent-pending) includes buttons for the on/off switch, the "blast" mode which provides an on-command 70 amp surge, and a "vibrate" mode. You can also regulate the spinner speed with the variable speed controller.

spreader-speedcontrollerSelecting the Auto Spinner Stop Mode will automatically stop the spinner from spinning when the truck's brakes are applied for more than five seconds. The Auto Vibrate Mode automatically vibrates the spreader for ten seconds every sixty (60) seconds to keep your load agitated and ready to spread.

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