Meyer Utility LPV Spreader

An All-season Performer For Utility Vehicles

Looking to get more use from your utility vehicle? Meet Meyer’s Utility Low-Profile V-Box, or LPV. This all-season performer can spread top dressings like fertilizer and seed, as well as salt and sand. It offers greater capacity and increased spreading width than hitch-mounted utility vehicle spreaders. And it fits conveniently into the back of today’s most popular utility vehicles. 


Mate-Allseason-performanceThe Meyer LPV is powered by a sealed 12V electric motor. It has fewer parts than competing models, meaning it requires less maintenance and downtime. And it’s a Meyer spreader, so you know it reliably delivers outstanding performance.

a baffle insertPrecise Spreading

When you’re spreading salt and other materials, it’s critical to spread it in precisely the right place. Meyer salt spreaders for utility vehicles have two internal and four external baffle adjustment systems. They help you place the material in the right spot, every time.Whether you want to spread four feet to the left, four feet to the right, or spread a twenty foot pattern, you can easily adjust the spreading pattern to meet your unique demands.

High Performance

With Meyer salt spreaders, high performance in virtually any condition is not optional. It’s mandatory. That’s why we include many performance-enhancing components as standard. Our belt-over-chain conveyor system allows for more precise metering of materials including salt, sand, seed, fertilizer, and top soil. It also makes the utility LPV perfect for all-season use.

LPVJohnDeereLage Capacity

Meyer's Utility LPV salt spreaders are available in the following configurations:

  • 3' (.3 yd capacity)
  • 4' (.43 yd capacity)
  • Electric Drive

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