Meyer MDV Spreader

You are ready to step up. Your customers have demanded more and you plan on delivering. With Meyer’s Medium Duty V-box Spreader (MDV), you’ll deliver the quality of ice control that separates the top dogs from the part-timers. For heavy-duty and super-duty trucks (15,000 + GVW),*Meyer’s MDV is designed to give you increased material capacity and more versatility.


salt sand 50 50-mix-iconThe Meyer MDV provides smaller vehicles with the performance characteristics of a highway-style spreader. With 4.5 cubic yard capacity, this means less time loading and more time spreading. Similar competitive spreaders offer 25% less capacity than the Meyer MDV Spreader. So why settle for less?

Spread It Where You Want It

a baffle insertGetting the material in the right place the first time is critical. With Meyer’s two internal and four external baffle adjustment systems, you will place the material in the right place, every time. Whether you want to spread four feet to the left, four feet to the right, or spread a thirty foot pattern, you can easily adjust the spreading pattern to meet your unique demands. In addition, Meyer spreaders are engineered to handle virtually any material you can throw at it including salt, sand, and salt/sand mix.

When You're On A Roll, Stay On A Roll

High performance in virtually any condition is not optional, so Meyer includes many performance-enhancing components as STANDARD. Our drop n loc top screens break-up large clumps of material which can cause damage to the drag chain and reduce performance. In addition, we include bolt-in chain shields as standard to prevent material from building up in the drag chain and slowing you down. Finally, we offer as standard, our inverted-V which helps prevent material from bridging and slowing down the conveyor.

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