Kennametal Snow Removal Blades

Kennametal 2Our tungsten carbide-edged grader blades stand up against the toughest winter snow-packed roads.

Equipped with genuine Kennametal tungsten carbide inserts, which are secured firmly to the blade with our superior brazing technique, these snowplow blades offer unparalleled fracture and wear resistance. In fact, our tungsten carbide-edged snowplow blades are field tested and proven to have a life span 20 times greater than competitive all-steel blades.

Kennametal tungsten carbide-edged snowplow blades are available in a variety of lengths in two styles: standard-size .625-inch (16mm) carbide inserts and heavy-duty .750-inch (19mm) carbide inserts.

  • Economically priced blades for paved road surfaces.
  • Features genuine Kennametal tungsten carbide inserts formulated with macrocrystalline technology.
  • Provides superior wear-resistance and longevity, outlasting competitive all-steel blades by up to 20:1.
  • Our brazing expertise ensures that inserts stay firmly in place, without residual stress, resulting in a more durable blade.
  • Available in an unmatched variety of styles and size – all backed by the road maintenance industry's best quality assurance program.
  • Sold in combinations of 3-foot (914mm) or 4-foot (1219mm) lengths for more versatility, safety and ease of use.

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