Importance of FOD Control

ConcordDisasterConcord Disaster, July 25th, 2000Since the tragic Concord disaster on the 25th of July 2000 due to FOD, airports around the world started looking at their own FOD control programs. But as time passes we seem to forget how important these programs are.

I guess it's the same with bird strikes. Ever since the miracle in the Hudson, airports scrambled to either research wild life control programs or upgrade their existing programs. But again, time passes and we seem to forget.

One stray tool, safety wire, washer, luggage hinge, etc; can create catastrophic damage to an engine or worse.

In working with many airports- both Civilian and Military, FOD control programs have been limited due to financial, time and personal availability.

Is it going to take another Concord disaster to relight these programs?

There are FOD control tools available as we all know that are reasonably priced so even the smallest airports can afford them.
Mechanical Sweepers, vacuum sweepers, tow behind mat sweepers just to name a few.

Airports may want to reevaluate their FOD control programs now in order to prevent damage in the future to their customer’s aircraft’s tires and engines, and reduce the airports liability for this type of damage. Just remember the 6 Ps- Prior Planning Prevents P… Poor Performance. Be a Performer and keep a clean and safe AOA.

It only takes a little planning, time and money to prevent damage caused by FOD.

A good source of information is the FAA Advisory Circular AC No: 150/5210-24.

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