Dynatest HFT 6875H

The Dynatest 6875H Highway Slip Friction Tester is an accurate and repeatable, self contained measuring device that provides continuous dry (or self-wetted) coefficients of slip friction on highway pavements.

friction-new-2Retractable fifth wheel assembly
It is designed for maintenance testing to evaluate surface friction deterioration due to weathering, high usage, aging, and contaminants. It can be used in difficult test areas, such as bridge decks, off-ramps, city streets, and intersections, giving an accurate continuous friction trace for the entire area being tested.



The 6875HHighway Slip Friction Tester is a self contained friction measuring equipment using a Dynatest Two Axis Force Transducer mounted on a retractable fifth wheel assembly. This assembly provides dynamic vertical load and horizontal tractive force measurement.

The 6875H meets the requirements of the ASTM E2340 standard for continuous fixed slip friction measurement.

HFT6875H Console
Optional features

GPS, Laser sensors for texture data collection.
System electronics include laptop computer colour graphics printer. Microsoft Windows software allows the operator to fully control the data collection process including the printer scale, test type (manual or automatic), and to annotate pavement test conditions for later reference.

The friction values, along with, vehicle speed and water flow rate data are stored and can be printed out.

Specs 6875H
The system includes a 250 U.S. gallon (1000 litre) self watering tank, positive displacement water pump and laminar flow water nozzle to simulate wet pavement testing for up to 72.000+ ft. (22.000+m) of pavement without refilling at a water film thickness of 0.02 in (0.5mm).

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