FOD*BOSS Graphs & Statistics

The award winning FOD*BOSS picks up nearly everything, whether the FOD is magnetic or non-magnetic, small of large, on dry or wet pavement, and all this at a speed of about 30 km/hr — much faster than conventional sweeping machines.

Download the presentations below to view comprehensive statistics.

FOD Advisory Circular Downloads

FAA FOD Advisory Circular (.pdf, 225KB)
The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has recently completed a FOD Advisory Circular detailing the methods and equipment recommended for good FOD control at U.S. airports. The FOD*BOSS equipment is described under ‘Friction Mat Sweepers’ in section 5.2.b (1) on page 21.

Presentation Downloads

AIMS Airport FOD presentation 2003 (.pdf, 858KB)
Belgium FOD* BOSS distributor Marc Flamme, from AIMS has put together a very interesting report on FOD collected by the FOD*BOSS at a major European International Airport.

Eielson FOD chart (.pdf, 70KB)
Eielson AirForce Base FOD incident report prior to and after FOD* BOSS deployment.

Delta GSE cut tire graphs (.pdf, 370KB)
Delta Airlines report on cut tires prior to and after FOD* BOSS deployment.

Cherry Point PowerPoint (.pdf, 267KB)
Cherry Point Marines have produced this PowerPoint Presentation to show the effectiveness of the FOD*BOSS compared to traditional sweeping.